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How do I increase my activity level?

Required Activity Action Bonus
0 Login once every 24 hours 10
20 Write a review 10
20 Write a review for a never-before-reviewed place 25
20 Have a review nominated as Gold 50
50 Do a message in the message queue (activity level < 100) 1

What are the user levels?

Minimum Level Title
0 User
50 Contributor
100 Super Contributor
250 Veteran
500 Super Veteran
1000 VIP
2000 Super VIP

What are these different-colored reviews?


Gold Reviews are high-quality reviews of places. Gold Reviews are selected for for their thorough analysis as well as for their clarity.

Dark Gray

Gray reviews means that the review is outdated. This means that the review was written for an older version of the place. The site uses the following criteria to determine whether or not a place has been updated:

  • The name has changed significantly AND
  • The thumbnail has changed

If you are a place owner and you're uploading a new place over an existing one, make sure you change the name so that all the reviews for the old place will become outdated. Likewise, if you are uploading a new version of a place (like 1.0 to 1.1), keep the first part of the name the same so that older reviews won't be marked as outdated since they're mostly accurate.

Outdated reviews will not count in the number of reviews for that place as well as for the rating of that place.

How do I get a place to be reviewed?

A place will become available for review here once it is either:

  1. On the first or second Most Popular Games page OR
  2. On the Most Popular Games by Week page.