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#7 - Wednesday 2008-03-19 by

I've added a trading post to the website. It was a big chunk of code, so I'm making a post about it. It's a great way to trade Robux and Tix. Check it out!


#6 - Wednesday 2008-03-12 by

I almost never post in the news. Maybe I should more often so that people know I'm working on the site. I'm thinking about adding some guides about various bits of Roblox that don't belong in the wiki. I added a few places to the places list (Robloxia's Last Stand and a few others).I've seen a lot of swearing getting past my filter on the shoutbox and I don't like that. I might remove it if more people start doing that. I've also hit 10,000 friends.


#5 - Thursday 2007-12-13 by

is the word of the year. And I have a reason to say woot, because I'm playing Roblox more now. I took out some of the stuff that required a lot of attention, and added an action! page. I'm not sure what to do with it though. I think I'll post interesting screenshots or something. Maybe even show some of my teapot turret code? Time shall tell. Oh, I'm also still applying to colleges. I have a final tomorrow and finals next week as well. Wish me luck.

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